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About Ilona

Dr. Ilona E. Holland is an educator and children’s author who weaves information into stories so children can grasp the wind and see beneath movement of the sand.

Ilona reading Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure
Ilona E Holland reading Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure
New Release

Fire, explosions, and flying debris test the courage of the du Pont children who race from their home to escape the dangers of the nearby family powder mill.


What would you do if you uncovered a real locket from 1880 on the beach? Join Virginia and Rodney as they discover a world that spans two centuries.

Butterflies flutter, birds soar, and geysers burst into the sky. Join Buddy Bison and his two new friends as they explore the majestic Yellowstone National Park.
"Readers will be captivated by the story of The Great Explosion. Ilona Holland expertly transports her audience to a fascinating time on the banks of Brandywine Creek. With young characters that are relatable, an escape based on true events, and back matter that brings the early 19th century powder works to life, it’s bound to engage readers of all ages and leave them asking for more."

- Jennifer Noonan, MLIS, Children's Librarian
The Lost Locket of Lewes
“I picked up this book for my granddaughter and ended up reading it myself. It’s written like an exciting mystery. It took me back to 1893 in Lewes. The author does a wonderful job sharing the story of the lost locket and letting us see Lewes, DE in 1893 through an informative narrative, and beautiful illustrations of the town and people...”

- Fran
Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure
“If you're heading to Yellowstone this summer, be sure to check out Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure. This is a fun story for young readers to learn more about Yellowstone. With it's blend of character illustrations featured over breathtaking pictures of Yellowstone, readers will follow twins, Christopher and Elena, on their Yellowstone adventure...”

- Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Book Reviews


Dr. Holland offers programs to schools, organizations, writers, and teachers focusing on the writing process or on topics included in her books. 

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Where to Purchase:

Where to Purchase: