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Fire, explosions, and flying debris test the courage of the du Pont children as they race from their home to escape the dangers of the nearby family powder mill. Another explosion could happen any minute! Share the children’s adventure as they make their way to safety. Based on true events from 1818, this book combines fact with fiction to keep you turning the pages as you learn about the duPont children and life at Eleutherian Mills.

What would you do if you uncovered a real locket from 1880 on the beach? Join Virginia and Rodney as they discover a world that spans two centuries. Traveling through time, they unravel the mystery of The Lost Locket of Lewes. This book combines facts with action to keep you turning the pages while learning about Lewes, Delaware and life in the 19th century.

Butterflies flutter, birds soar, and geysers burst into the sky. Join Buddy Bison and his two new friends as they explore the majestic Yellowstone National Park. Breathtaking photographs of Yellowstone serve as the backdrop for the wacky adventures of a curious pair of twins, Elena and Christopher, who are spending the summer with their aunt Rosa, a park ranger.

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