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Activities for
The Great Explosion: A Powder Mill Chronicle
The Lost Locket of Lewes book in classroom
Activities for
The Lost Locket of Lewes
Buddy Bison books on bookshelf
Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure
Books for Kids

Domnauer, Teresa. Westward Expansion( A True Book).  New York: Children’s Press, 2010.

Kirchner, Jason. Delaware (States). Mankato: Capstone Press, 2016.

McDaniel, Melissa. The Industrial Revolution (Cornerstones of Freedom: Third Series), New York: Children’s Press, 2012.

Miller, Amy. Delaware (From Sea to Shining Sea). New York: Children’s Press, 2009.

Perritano, John. The Transcontinental Railroad (A True Book) New York: Children’s Press, 2010.

Resources for Teachers
Hagley Museum and Library
  • Plan a visit.  Learn more about Eleutherian Mills and Hagley
Digital Hagley Archives
  • See original art and letters created by the Sophie and Eleuthera (Tata) and other family members in the Digital Archives.
Delaware Historical Society
  • Visit the site to find additional programs and materials for students.
Delaware Public Archives
  • Find out about the many mills in Delaware history.
Library of Congress
  • Find loads of articles and images in the Digital Collections.
Supplemental Student Activities
Hagley’s Science Saturdays from Home
  • Explore topics like building a stable tower, learning about the parts of plants or creating an invention to help keep social distance.
Digital Hagley Archives
  • See original art and letters created by the Sophie and Eleuthera (Tata) and other family members in the Digital Archives.

Books for Kids
Kirchner, Jason.  Delaware (States). Capstone Press.
Miller, Amy. Delaware (From Sea to Shining Sea). Children's Press.
Priddy, Sam (Ed.) Pirates. New York. DK Publishing.
Supplemental Student Activities
  1. Visit the Lewes Historical Society site. Pick out one item from the collection of artifacts. Click on the artifact to learn more about it. Create a mystery about it. Think about The Lost Locket of Lewes and how Dr. Holland created a setting, characters, plot, conflict, resolution and conclusion. Consider using this Scholastic template to get started. (Gr. 3-6)
  2. Create a bookmark that will encourage a friend to read The Lost Locket of Lewes. Send a copy of it to Dr. Holland so she can post it on the website! (Gr. 1-5)
  3. Act out one scene from the book. Answer these questions: Why did you pick this scene? What were the characters thinking and feeling? How do you make it feel authentic?
  4. Design your own locket. Put a message or item inside of it. Consider these questions: Who owns the locket? What keepsake is in the locket? Is it a gift? Is it new or old? Does it tell a story? When was it made? (Gr. 2-6)
Books for Kids
Del Grande,Stephanie. Yellowstone National Park for Kids, Preteens and Teenagers.  iUniverse Books. 
Frisch, Nate. Preserving America: Yellowstone National Park. Creative Paperback. 
Knapp.Patty. Getting to Know Yellowstone National Park. Adventure Publications.
Petersen, David. Yellowstone National Park. Children's Press. 
Supplemental Student Activities
Buddy Bison Creative Learning Program
  • The National Park Trust has created this amazing learning program that you can do at home and while exploring the out of doors.   Topics cover plants, national parks, oceans, fossils, water sheds and more. There is no end to your adventure.
Outdoor Activities
  • Take a look at how the National Park Trust turns your yard, neighborhood trail, or even your windowsill into an untapped educational park experience.
  • Scavenger Hunt


Dr. Holland offers programs to schools, organizations, writers, and teachers focusing on the writing process or on topics included in her books. 

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